We have been warned.

Brian Wilson and Shelly Metzler have shown their hand and warned us of their intentions. First, they intend to reinstall the antiquated parking meters, forcing residents to once again pay for the privilege of possibly parking close to their houses. Then they intend to buy more police cars and hire several more police officers.

This means one thing, your taxes are going to go higher, making West York the highest-taxed municipality in the county. But I sincerely doubt it will stop there. If re-elected and given a gaggle of yes-men, they will continue to run roughshod over the liberties and privacy of those who live in West York.

We have fought to keep taxes low over the last two years, while maintaining services and personnel. If Wilson gets his way and he, Metzler, Nick Laughman and Mary Wagner are elected, taxes will go up, homeowners will leave, crime will go up and more police will be needed. This is the self-fulfilling prophecy for the Teamsters Union.

To restore fiscal sanity in the borough, vote Tim Berkheimer and Walt Anderson and write in Shane Louthian and Ronald "Skip" Franklin for borough council.

Shane M. Louthian

West York