Judge Michael Bortner contributed to the deaths of two innocent people. Please vote no on his retention. This November, Bortner faces a retention vote in York County. This is usually an automatic yes vote. Please review his record and make an informed and wise choice.

Cherylann (Jennifer) Dowell and Christopher Armagost would be alive today if Bortner had upheld his judicial responsibilities. In both these cases, Bortner failed to protect the community and put violent criminals behind bars.

On May 21, 2012, Bortner found Ross Crawford in violation of parole on convictions of terroristic threats, criminal mischief and harassment against Dowell. Rather than put this repeat violent offender behind bars, Bortner released him to house arrest. Crawford murdered Dowell 19 days later.

On Dec. 7, 2011, Anthony White was convicted by a jury of conspiracy and robbery. Bortner released him on bail rather than sending him directly to jail. White murdered Christopher Armagost three day later.

This man should be removed from the bench. Please do not let another family suffer a needless tragedy.

My name is Michael Armagost, Christopher Armagost was my son. Please join us on Facebook at: Vote No Judge Bortner and email us at votenobortner@gmail.com.

Michael Armagost

West Manheim Twp.