Candidate Mark Swomley made the following comments to the newspaper:

---Traffic is one of the big issues. The township needs to be proactive to ensure proper growth.

---We should be looking for ways the township can do better with less cost.

Swomley has been on the Springettsbury Township planning commission for 10 and is in an excellent position to improve the problems he claims he will work on as a supervisor.

However, these problems still remain today.

Swomley voted yes to demolish the Long Barn, Springetts Fire Station, which could have been updated for much less then building a new $5 million station. Swomley approved building a new strip mall after the fire station is demolished, which will create more traffic -- not less.

Reviewing the minutes since 2003, I could not find one instance where Swomley attended a board meeting offering suggestions regarding these issues, including the latest, preservation of historical properties the Ettline home.

Swomley's comment, "doing better with less cost" is certainly not reflected in his voting history of saying yes to the township incurring huge costs for unnecessary projects. Please support Phan and Crumling for supervisors -- our property taxes, ambulance services and much more depend on it.

Stephanie Bates,

Springettsbury Twp.