According to your front page article on October 9th, heating prices are going up for everyone regardless of your use of gas, electric or propane. Except here's the problem, at least from a natural gas perspective. We have 85 billion cubic feet more than the 5 year average. The price per mmbtu is only $3.75. The commodity price hasn't gone anywhere since the crash which brought the price right back down to the same price it was before the "bubble" popped. Sure it's gone up and down since then as the commodity speculators try to re-inlfate their profits through propaganda but every rally has been met by an equal downward trend. Five years later we're still about the same price. It hasn't gone anywhere near the high of $8+ per mmbtu that was seen before the financial crisis in fact I don't think it's even broken out above $4 per mmbtu.

Since fracking has been the name of the game in Pennsylvania, mostly untaxed thanks to Gov. Corbett, we of all people shouldn't see any price increases. There is so much natural gas supply that any increase in price over the next 10 to 15 years would be nothing short of a miracle (or a manipulation) for Wall Street. In a world where natural gas demand is shrinking from over supply and a worsening financial disaster throughout the world the last thing we should read about is price increases.

If we are reading about natural gas prices going up then we'd best ask ourselves and our regulators why!


Todd Clay,

York City