Shameful is the only word to describe the actions -- and latest votes -- of Pennsylvania's Republican senator and our local Republican congressman.

After the vote to re-open our government, N.Y. Sen. Charles Schumer said it best: "This isn't a day for happiness or exaltation. We spent two weeks risking extreme danger merely to end up right where we started: opening the government, paying our bills and negotiating a budget. If there is a silver lining in this cloud, it's that hopefully this debacle means that the power of those that favor confrontation has peaked, and we can start legislating again, in a bipartisan way, without this dangerous brinksmanship."

Obviously, that lesson was lost on our two politicians who were still willing to take our country into default, and wreck not only the U.S. economy, but the world's, too.

Club for Growth, an organization once presided over by Republican Pennsylvania Sen. pat Toomey and funded by the Koch brothers, communicated to Republican representatives and senators that they need to vote against the last-minute legislation to re-open our government. Their not-so-veiled threat is that they are keeping score and will use their power to hurt lawmakers in future primaries if they vote otherwise.

It seems this "dark" money organization speaks louder than constituents' words to these politicians, as they apparently fear losing financial support from anonymous donor organizations, versus doing the will of the people.


Regarding the Affordable Care Act, my recommendation to our senator and congressman has been to find and recommend a better alternative, or, failing that, wait until your party is in a position of power and can dictate change.

Unfortunately, it seems our Toomey, and Rep. Scott Perry were unwilling to do this and instead conspired to extort change, at a great financial and, undoubtedly, personal cost to millions of Americans.

As a moderate Republican, their actions, and especially their latest votes (the legislation to re-open government), demonstrated complete dereliction of duty to the majority of Pennsylvanians they represent.

Both these politicians pandered to the far-right extremist faction of the GOP and have shown that they do not have the morale courage to stand and do the right thing.

If, as Congressman Perry stated, he may lose, but he'll go down fighting, please do so without taking the country with you.

Neither of these gentlemen deserve to be re-elected.

James Astor

Windsor Twp.