Phan thanks supporters

Thank you to the fans of Phan. The electoral campaign has ended and my deepest thank you to all of you who voted and worked on the campaign.

The purpose of my campaign was to reach out to the residents and let you know that change doesn't come from the election alone; change comes from the board. We, the board, must make sound decisions, show transparency and work for the residents. I am so humble to all the residents and the votes I received. I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing and wonderful residents throughout this campaign. I really hope that each and every one of you stays in touch and stays involved. We all need to work together as residents and a board. I invite all Springettsbury Township residents to attend the board meetings, get involved, volunteer in the township, etc. I have faith in the board and faith in the township associates to make new sound decisions. I also have faith in the residents I have met.

I am very excited to have been voted to the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors. I am eager to begin working with my fellow board members, township associates, firefighters, police and residents in 2014. Again, thank you so much, sisters and brothers, and please get involved in your township. The campaign was just the beginning. God Bless.


Springettsbury Twp.