I want to thank, with deep appreciation, my unknown benefactor who bought me lunch on Veteran's Day.

I had gone to the Hollywood Casino at Grantville, Pa., to enjoy the generous offer of $10 of free slot play and $5 off the price of a buffet. When I presented my coupon and credit card to the cashier at the buffet I was informed that a patron of the casino was paying for the lunches of all the veterans. I thanked the cashier for that information and asked her to thank the patron who bought me lunch.

I sat down to enjoy my lunch, but found that I had to wipe tears from my eyes. Like all Vietnam-era Veterans, I served my country at a time when some Americans hated my uniform and hated me for wearing it. I will never forget their looks of contempt that clearly showed that they wanted to spit on me. That happened 40 years ago, but it still hurts.

There is no way to adequately thank my benefactor for his kindness, generosity and expression of gratitude for my service, but I hope he sees this letter or hears about it. It was more than lunch. It was validation of my service and salve for an open, emotional wound. I will never stop being grateful.


West Manchester Twp.