We hear much of what is wrong in our country. Before it gets lost in the shuffle of life, I want to share a refreshing thing that happened to me.

I work at Becky's Kitchen near East Prospect. I took my car to Den's Service Center about a half of mile up the road for an oil change. I was given a ride to work.

In the afternoon a young man I never met before named Martyn, came into Becky's Kitchen to bring my car and key and then get a ride back to Den's Service Center.

We walked outside and he opened the passenger side door for me, got behind the wheel and cheerfully made conversation as he drove back to the station. He told me what he had done to my car. He had written the information into the small notebook kept for that purpose, and had reset my car computer to notify me of my next oil change.

In a crowded parking lot he thoughtfully positioned the car where I could easily drive away, opened my door again, gave me my keys and wished me a good day.

A small thing? To me it is important, impressive and should be so common that it is not noteworthy.

Good manners and attention to detail speak well for Martyn and for his employer for having this type of representation for his business.

I could just tell the owner that I was pleased, but that is not quite enough. I really want to share with others that there are still many Martyns in our world and to give him and all those like him a pat on the back.



Windsor Twp.