In his recent book, "The Metropolitan Revolution," Bruce Katz makes the compelling case that the federal, and often many state governments, are dysfunctional. Thankfully the votes taken the past few days by the Pennsylvania General Assembly give us hope for the future.

State Rep. Kevin Schreiber and several of his York County colleagues voted to support the transportation funding package, as recommended by the governor's Transportation Funding Advisory Commission. Having served on the commission, I write to thank Rep. Schreiber for doing the right thing and supporting long-overdue investment in our roads, bridges and transit systems.

Yes, we will have to pay approximately $9 per week more (if you drive 30 miles per day). Yes, we will have to pay more in driver's license fees ($21-$23 over the next five years) for the first time in 25 years.

But the return on our investment is significant. Employer after employer has indicated that clogged and deteriorating roadways are yet another reason for them to locate or relocate outside of the commonwealth. Hours and hours of lost time commuting impacts any of us who travel more than 20 miles to work. Dilapidated roads and bridges impact school buses, fire trucks and passenger vehicles alike. God forbid we have a deadly highway collapse as has happened in Minnesota.


No one likes to pay more but every resident, business and traveler will benefit from a better transportation system in Pennsylvania.

Thank you Rep. Schreiber for doing the right thing.

John S. Brenner

Former mayor

of York City