A wonderful example

I went shopping on Nov. 19 because I really wanted some Braunschweiger liverwurst. While at the south York Giant, I bought a number of other things, adding up to $45. When I inserted my debit card I made a mistake on my pin, locking the account.

I had no cash with me. I was so embarrassed. Then all of a sudden another clerk handed me the paid receipt plus the change from a $50. I wanted to know who paid my bill so I could pay it back, but the clerk said "Don't worry about it, the person doesn't want it -- it is Christmas time." I was stunned by this generosity and felt like I was in a different world.

This is such a wonderful example of the gift circle, of paying it forward. Now I want to continue this gift circle by paying it forward for another person, but I also want the person who paid my bill to know how grateful I am, and also inspired to pay it forward for someone else.


York City