I was somewhat surprised by the view of Kenneth E. Iman concerning the special treatment of veterans, especially this close to the Veterans Day just past on Nov. 11.

With Thanksgiving here, our brave men and women will be in most people's prayers for a safe return.

All of our veterans gave up something of themselves unselfishly so that others can be free, like Mr. Iman, to have their opinions.

Yes, the majority of our military support the 20 percent out on the front lines. Without that support those in the front fighting would not be able to do their jobs effectively.

I'm sure Mr. Iman felt he was more qualified for the post office position because of his college degree, gained while free and able to also party because those veterans were sacrificing so that he had that opportunity.

There will always be examples such as those Mr. Iman quoted who take advantage of the system. That is human nature. Fortunately that's the minority.

Mr. Iman is very bitter towards our veterans because of some things he has seen and experienced. He claims he is all for vets, yet he only mentions those few examples of system abuse.

The majority of our veterans gave unselfishly, whether in a motor pool, shuffling papers or out front on a fire team. Our veterans deserve every special treatment we can give them because they are special.