State Rep. Seth Grove touts his House Bill 1189, but he fails to mention the bill was ramrodded through the House in one day without any debate.

Also, he avoids the fact that HB 1189 does not eliminate property taxes. The bill puts that decision in the hands of local school boards.

Conveniently, Mr. Grove will get off the hook when our school boards decide to maintain the property tax in lieu of enacting other taxes. He can blame them for not reducing property taxes.

HB 1189 is a win for the politicians; it's not a plan for real Pennsylvania property tax reform.

If HB 1189 is such a great bill, why is it languishing in the Senate?

House Bill 76 is not a dead cause; it is not flawed, and it is not misrepresented. These negatives are words from Mr. Grove.

Mr. Grove and our York County representatives have not supported HB 76 the way they supported the flawed HB 1189. (The exception to this is state Rep. Keith Gillespie.)

I would suggest that supporters of HB 76 continue to fight the good fight, and, hopefully, changes will be made at the ballot box in May 2014.


Spring Garden Township