Hey, Ron Miller, RINO in the 93rd District -- it's time to fess up.

You've already taken your victory lap on the new transportation law, citing how you and your buds Seth and Stan apparently single-handedly raised the prevailing wage ceiling from $50K to the unprecedentedly lofty $100K. How about you now let us in on some of the other goodies in your legislative masterpiece that slithered out of the Harrisburg cesspool?

Tell us how our purchasing power will be eroded as significant new gasoline taxes eat away at it. Tell us why the surviving prevailing wage rule will gift a $700 million chunk of extra-bloated, above-market wages from the $2.3 billion total into union and union wannabe pockets. Tell us how if you were really doing your job and saving that $700 million, no new taxes would be needed, or a whole lot more cost-effective road and bridge projects could come on line throughout the commonwealth. Tell us why a lobby of just 7 percent of the workforce apparently yields so much power over you, your office, and your voting habits.


Tell us about RINO solidarity and why you just had to vote in lockstep with your party buds in suburban Philly, lily-livered Republicans who just can't say no to union bullies as they fear not making it through the next election.

And that, dear Ron, is really the issue here isn't it? It's all about the seat. Your seat.

And this law is just another one of those lip-sticked pigs of bad public policy that you've been slipping by us for decades. Don't even get me started on that faux property tax elimination act. It sure looks like you've sold us out at nearly every turn.

I know some folks say you're a nice old guy, Ron, but they also say you're a poster boy for term limits and a lot of other ugly things about Harrisburg, whose chief proficiency seems to be turning incumbency protection into an art form.

Maybe it's time for you to just mosey on out to pasture and allow the citizens of the 93th to elect someone propensity to stand up and truly represent their, and not the special, interests.


York Twp.