Survey panders to extremes

Congressman Scott Perry's latest e-mail asks his constituents to respond to a survey that is nothing less than insulting to any educated person.

Rather than offer options that a reasonable person would consider, perhaps even give prudent thought to, his survey panders to the very extremes that have made our government so dysfunctional.

He offers the far right two options: the "status quo" or "cut spending" options. He offers the far left the option, "raise taxes." For all the rest, he offers, "not sure at this time."

Undoubtedly, the majority of folks receiving this e-mail are Republican and will, most likely, respond by choosing one of the first two options. Congressman Perry may then use the results of his "survey" to support his positions and claim, wrongly, that a majority of his constituents support those positions, too.

There should have been an option for studied, insightful cuts to wasteful and redundant spending, plus a balanced, measured increase in taxes, to support meaningful, beneficial government programs.

Of course, Congressman Perry knows that would not play well to the far right and could impact his future funding, or worse, encourage the far right to support an even more radical candidate to oppose him in a primary.


This is a delicate balancing act that he, and many GOP congressmen, believe they must do to stay elected. Frankly, I think it is a recipe for disaster, not only for Congressman Perry but for the GOP, as well.

I encourage all of Congressman Perry's constituents to e-mail, write and call his office and to voice your opinion regarding America's budget. He needs to hear from all of us that the answer is not the "status quo" or "new taxes" or "cuts in spending," but a measured approach that includes both.

And it has never been a question of Americans being "not sure," because the majority of Americans are sure Congress is not doing the job it was sent to Washington to do.


Windsor Township