Let residents hear for themselves

The new year may bring more transparency to the local government of Springettsbury Township.

Since becoming a member of the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors in 2010, Supervisor Julie Landis has pushed for more transparency within the Springettsbury government.

Supervisor Landis received questions and concerns from residents regarding the board of supervisor meeting minutes, which are posted on the township's website. The major complaint was that the minutes did not always accurately reflect what was said at the meetings. The way the minutes were transcribed, some comments were left out altogether, and other times too much information was missing, not allowing the reader to understand the substance of the conversation.

Supervisor Landis provided several remedies to the Board, which ranged from televising the meetings to simply uploading the meeting audio to the township website. These ideas met with much resistance from the majority of the board, and no changes were made.

Finally, after four years and the addition of two new board members, the township appears to have relented and is going to attempt to upload the meeting audio to the website.

New Supervisors Kathleen Phan and Mark Swomley both spoke about more transparency during their respective campaigns. Supervisor Swomley made the motion to have the audio uploaded to the website, temporarily, until the minutes of the meeting are approved. The audio will subsequently be removed from the township website to save storage space.



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