My Christmas miracle happened after one of our nasty snowstorms that was followed by ice.

Our house is located 350 feet from the road. Using the blower wasn't too difficult until I got close to the road, where the township had pushed a soggy mess that choked the blower. I returned the blower to house for a shovel to finish the mess.

Glancing up the road I saw a male and female accompanied by a leashed dog. Being rather outgoing, I offered the use of my shovel for exercise.

The man came immediately, taking my shovel, while female explained she was a high school senior and the man was was her father. I never saw either previously.

The daughter asked my name and offered hers (first only). Unfortunately, I was so shocked the name didn't register. I did remember being told they were farmers and lived some distance away. Her father walks five miles early each Sunday and parks at a church before services. Getting from church to my location is very, very uphill.

After offering my hearty thanks they proceeded on their journey.

The story does not end there.

Several days later I opened the mailbox to find a Christmas-wrapped package labeled with my name and one from the sender. The neighbor and I have the same first name so I assumed someone got the package in the wrong mailbox.


I brought it back to the house, and I noticed a small notation stating from "the couple who cleared your snow." Inside was a pair of warm gloves that fit perfectly to my small hands. This dear girl obviously noticed that the gloves I was wearing on the snow-removal day had all 10 fingers wrapped with black electrical tape to hold them together.

The father certainly displayed a heart, setting example for the daughter. Their kindness is rare in today's world — or is it that we only hear the bad happenings?

As a senior citizen looking back through the years, I feel more good stories need being brought to the forefront.

And I say, "Bless that family." My heart hugs you not only for bestowing a Christmas miracle but showcasing a Christmas angel.

Their deeds wiped away depression that occurs when you've lost the love of your life at such a special time.


Dover Twp.