Election horror stories

You want the voter ID law to go away. Why? Would you allow a police officer to enter your home without proper ID? Would you allow a utility worker to enter your home without proper ID? There have been many cases of no or improper ID used to steal, molest or even kill persons.

Would you want a bank employee to give someone your money without seeing proper ID? We just saw what happened when ID was not checked in a medical issue.

Why do you believe that every person who presents themselves to vote is honest and would not attempt to change the results of an election? There have been stories in the past where pets and dead people have voted. Yes, I say stories because I do not have direct knowledge of these to be true. I do have knowledge of a father who tried to vote in his son's place, though. Just luckily a clerk noticed he appeared older than the birth date on the poll books.

Why do we hear stories of this past presidential election of voters voting three times, once in person and twice absentee, as the were instructed and told to do? Why do we hear stories of polling places where only one party voted? No one else from the other party wanted to vote? The best one is where at least one district reported over 100 percent of their residents voted.


Is having over two years to get an ID a hardship? Why can't those who don't have an ID depend on those that encourage voting to help them get an ID? If they can get to the polls, they ought to be able to get to a location to get an ID. There is no fee at a driver's license center to get an ID.

How do these folks without a proper ID get medical service? How do they transact business without proper ID? Do they ever cash a check or even present a check for payment? Most places I do business with will not accept a check without a photo ID.

I gladly show my ID to be sure I am getting correct service and medications, and that I — and no one else — am getting my money. I am glad the financial institution I use requires ID; this helps ensure no else can get my money.

No matter how hard we try to get a perfect and honest system in place, there are always those who want to beat and cheat the system. But requiring ID to vote is a step in helping to ensure those who are registered are those who are allowed to vote.

Let's get the ID law passed and quit fighting about it. Only those who want to cheat or steal are afraid of having to show proper ID.


North Hopewell Twp.