A slap to voters

In November the residents of Hellam Township elected a new supervisor, Galen Weibley, replacing Marty Reed, who was seeking a third term.

Imagine our disbelief when, at the first meeting of the year, after electing the chairman, the resignation was accepted from Supervisor Jim Sipe and they appointed Marty Reed to the vacancy — the same person who was voted out in November.

The meeting was then continued and Marty was elected vice chairman and appointed to several committees in the process.

What a slap in the face to the voters.

When questioned about posting the position before filling it, they explained that they don't have to. They are right in that it is an appointed position, not one to be applied for. But other townships and boroughs do post for interest when filling a vacancy, including Hallam Borough.

This kind of "old buddy" system is exactly the reason I and many others wanted change.

It was brought up that Galen only won by 24 votes. Last time I checked, it only takes one vote to win an election. That is how a democracy works. For the person who suggested that the majority doesn't always win, as in a presidential election, that is the only place that applies.


The way the board conducted themselves makes them look like a bunch of conniving bullies. Just because you can appoint a person without discussion or question doesn't mean you should and it doesn't make it right. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves.


Hellam Twp.