The dufus bipartisan oligarchy that runs the Harrisburg cesspool is reportedly still scratching its collective head over the special election outcome. How could this be happening to them? Hadn't they and the special interests thrown up enough roadblocks and spent tons of PAC money to keep this upstart reformer from disrupting the status quo?

While the York 912 Patriots may have been involved, Scott Wagner's support went way beyond that. The tea party at best may have a couple hundred official members throughout the county and could only wish in its wildest dreams to have 10,000 members in the 28th. Yes, Scott's election had much broader support from a wide range of reform elements, and might best be noted as a people's victory over deceitful, shoddy, inept, wasteful and possibly even criminal government practice.

But beneficial ripples of reform from this win shouldn't be expected anytime soon, as any kind of new legislative initiative by an upstart minority is certain to be derailed, probably in committee, by officious turf-protecting leadership.

Because of that fact of life, the real import of this armor-chink-finding special election may very well be (1) that Scott and other sitting reformers, including state Sen. Mike Folmer and some others, are now high-profile role models to empower other like-type, common-sense Senate and Assembly challenge candidates throughout the commonwealth, and (2) these reformers are also positioned to propose and heavily publicize legislative reform initiatives that may be blocked, that can then become highlighted grist to upset other obstructionist incumbents in these down-the-road elections.


Don't forget that Wagner's victory is only as good as the next election, now a little more than eight weeks away, and that his support needs continuing vigilance. As the well-known saying goes: "It ain't over 'till it's over."

And in conjunction with that primary, York County is fortunate to have three additional reform-minded Assembly challengers: Ernie Merisotis, Kelly Henshaw, and Elizabeth Roberts. This is the best array of outsider, common-sense, incumbent challengers in memory, and as non-PAC money-takers, they all could use our financial and voting support to help continue the run to put a new face on Harrisburg.


York Twp.