Gov. Tom Corbett has spent $7 million in state and federal money to promote and defend his unnecessary voter ID law. Recently, a Commonwealth Court judge denied the Corbett administration's request to reconsider the court's ruling overturning the law — the third time the courts have ruled against the administration.

If Tom Corbett wants do to the right thing for Pennsylvanians, he has only one option: announce that he will not appeal the ruling and stop pursuing voter ID. It is time for Tom Corbett to stop wasting taxpayers' money.

There are countless other reasons why voter ID is unnecessary in Pennsylvania:

•The Corbett administration admitted that there have been no investigations or prosecutions for in-person voter fraud.

•Voter ID disproportionately affects the elderly, poor, minorities and Democrats.

•House Republican Leader Mike Turzai admitted Republicans passed voter ID to "allow Mitt Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania."

•Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason admitted that voter ID "frightened" voters and helped Republicans in 2012.

•The law was so confusing that even Tom Corbett's couldn't recall the acceptable forms of ID required to vote.


Communications director

Pennsylvania Democratic Party