On May 20 we have a choice to make in the 94 House District. Kelly Henshaw is running against Rep. Stan Saylor.

Henshaw is a grass-roots conservative and business owner who advocates for limited government and term limits. He is for the elimination of the school property taxes (not just reforming them) and against the taxpayer-funded pension. He will not take any pay raise or cost-of-living adjustments and will serve no more than five terms.

Saylor, however, has served as a legislator for the past 21 years, does not believe in smaller government or term limits, and is currently majority whip, which means he has the power and position to make things happen.

He voted for House Bill 76, the school tax elimination bill, before he voted against it and then voted for House Bill 1189, the optional property tax elimination bill authored by Rep. Seth Grove, which gives even more power to the school boards in raising your taxes.

Rep. Saylor voted for the 50 percent increase in his pension and voted for House Bill 1060, the $2.3 billion transportation bill that will increase every fee we pay for any service from the Department of Transportation. Have you noticed the latest gas price increase? Note that Saylor initially voted against this bill, but within 48 hours he voted for it.

I ask you, does this look like a conservative legislator who has vowed to serve his constituents? And how much of that money will be spent here?


Saylor has failed to lead on the elimination of government state stores, the prevailing wage law, the school-funding formula, the pension issue, as well as property tax and other areas that would truly lower our taxes.

These issues are not new and have been on Saylor's radar for years, and nothing has been done. Saylor also received a gift of $20,000 from the teachers union, so you might ask, who is he working for? Saylor is a career politician, and we can't afford him anymore, so please cast your vote on the Tuesday for Kelly Henshaw, who will not disappoint you.

One more thing, have you seen the number of districts that are planning to raise your property tax again? Dover, Southern and Southeastern are just a few.


Springettsbury Twp.