During this primary season, citizens of the 196th House District are concerned about:

1) legislators who follow the Constitution of the commonwealth;

2) how to eliminate the tax burden on properties so that people don't have to sell their homes to pay their taxes;

3) finding a way to have meaningful reductions in the tax burden for reducing the pension debt facing the state; and

4) auditing the state Department of Transportation to find out why we had to have such a huge new gasoline tax and increase of fees so that the state's bridges and roads can be fixed.

Seth Grove's claim to fame has not done anything to stop unconstitutional payments to legislators. No amendments have been voted on regarding paying representatives outside of what the Constitution stipulates.

House Bill 1189 does nothing to eliminate the tax burden on people; it shifts the burden from the state to local governments, thus adding another level of bureaucracy to the tax collection method. House Bill 76 and Senate Bill 76 shifts the burden to everyone, not just property owners. Since he authored 1189, he supports that anchor.

Instead of looking for ways of reducing our pension difficulties, he found ways to introduce/take credit for more than 2,900 pieces of legislation. Question: How many more pages of regulations were added to the bureaucracy to support all that legislation?


Finally, the gas tax. Instead of passing the gas tax, why hasn't legislation or regulations been introduced to determine account for all the gas tax money that's already been collected so that it could be used for what it was intended — not add the huge amount that's "needed now."

Beth Roberts will attack these issues because she wants to support her constituents, not the Republican power brokers.


West Manchester Twp.