In 2011, when I was campaigning for the Dallastown Area school board, I was asked to whom I owed allegiance. My response was that I am only beholden to the taxpayers and the students.

Flash forward three years, and the question remains the same. My answer is still the same. I will not sign any pledge to any organization. My pledge is to the 62,000-plus people of the 93rd District. I will represent you in Harrisburg. I will listen to your concerns and make your agenda, my agenda in Harrisburg.

I have raised three children and know that you need to lead by example. So, I will not take a pension. I will not accept perks. I will limit my tenure in the House to no more than five terms.

I am running for this seat because I believe that it is time to end business as usual in Harrisburg. I have spent the past three years ardently advocating for our students and taxpayers on many issues of great concern at both the state and federal level.

My efforts on reforming the state funding formula have generated concern amongst those that want to keep the status quo. They know that if I come to Harrisburg, one of my first priorities will be to level the playing field so school districts that have been profiting handsomely at our expense from the inequitable distribution of state money will actually receive what they deserve.

I pledge my allegiance to the people of the 93rd, and with your support, we can make things happen.



York Twp.