I recently read an article in the newspaper about state Rep. Kevin Schreiber wanting to see a bill passed allowing illegals to get drivers licenses.

While we're at it, why don't we just issue them one without taking the eye exam, written test and the driving test? The state could rent buses and haul them out to the state Department of Transportation, where they could get their pictures taken and their licenses issued on the spot. And why stop there? The buses could haul them to the state welfare office on Duke Street, pick up a representative from there, and then they could drive them to a few used car lots, where they could pick out a nice car and the state could pay for them.

After all, they get food stamps, welfare checks, free phones and free phone minutes and God only knows what other free stuff at taxpayers' expense.

I have been trying since March to get the state welfare department to approve Medicaid for a woman who is 96, confined to a wheelchair, has no home and no money to pay rent so that she can remain in the nursing home. But as of now I am not getting any results — just rejection. I bet if she was illegal they would have approved it by now and she would have been given a private room.

Now back to Rep. Schreiber and his ridiculous idea. Where does the Democratic party find these kind of people who they endorse for office? Maybe when they send the illegals back across the border they should send Rep. Schreiber along.



Springettsbury Twp.