The Department of Education, public unions and the progressive party are in a war against children and parents.

•They removed the right to keep the best teachers by tenure appointments.

•They removed the right to control curriculum by implementing academic standards.

•They removed the right to student privacy by requiring data assessment.

•They removed the parental rights of children by regulating school policies.

•They removed the right to religious freedom by using social counselors to remove or silence biblical beliefs.

•They removed the right to teach abstinence-only to promote sexual freedom.

•They removed the right to teach traditional marriage-only by promoting sexual orientation.

•They removed the right to encourage responsibility by promoting diversity for academic achievement.

•They removed the right to promote individualism by transforming classrooms into collaborative learning centers.

•They removed the right to school choice by mandating property taxes for public schools only.

I believe parents, not public unions, have control of their children, and they should have the freedom to use tax dollars for the education that is best for their child.


Manchester Twp.