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Three candidates for Pennsylvania governor will speak at a public breakfast in York County on Saturday.

Democratic Auditor General Jack Wagner and Republicans Attorney General Tom Corbett and state Rep. Sam Rohrer will attend a breakfast event at the Days Inn and Suites, 334 Arsenal Road in Manchester Township, according to a news release.

The public is invited to attend the event, dubbed the Values Voter Gubernatorial Breakfast. It will run from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. A full breakfast will be served.

The breakfast is sponsored by York County ACTION, a political action committee. ACTION stands for Americans for Christian Traditions in Our Nation.

The candidates will each give a five-minute introduction and then take questions for about an hour, according to a news release from the group.

The news release said Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato would send a representative, but spokesman Brian Herman said there were never any such plans.

Intent: The goal of the event is to give people a chance to hear directly from candidates, said Ron Cohen, ACTION president. The candidates will not be given the questions in advance, so they'll have to come up with answers on the fly.

"We're just a group of concerned citizens here in York that really want to see good candidates that have the right intentions for public office and have the credentials as well to get elected," Cohen said.

Topics will likely focus on the state's finances, education, social services and more, Cohen said.

Some seats to the event remain, Cohen said Monday morning.

There are six candidates in the race for governor -- the four represented at the event and Democrats Anthony Williams, a state senator from Philadelphia, and Joe Hoeffel, a Montgomery County commissioner.

Hoeffel and Williams were not invited to the event, Cohen said, because they are not anti-abortion. Although ACTION is bipartisan, he said the group endorses only candidates who are anti-abortion.

Herman said Onorato would support abortion rights as governor.

"He supports the existing law as it is Pennsylvania and he will veto any attempt to change it," Herman said.

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To attend
People interested in attending the Values Voter Gubernatorial Breakfast can reserve seats by sending an e-mail to or calling Angie Kline at 292-5706.

Tickets are $15 each and pre-payment is required.