Dover CARES candidates swept eight seats available on the Dover Area School Board in tonight's election, according to unofficial vote totals from the York County elections office.

Sixteen candidates sought the eight seats and were split into two camps, based largely on the issue of intelligent design.

Dover CARES candidates think that if intelligent design is referenced, it should be in an elective course, such as comparative religion.

The incumbent school board members who were ousted in Tuesday's election favor mentioning intelligent design in biology classes.

Winning four-year seats tonight were Dover CARES candidates Bernadette Reinking (2,754 votes), Terry Emig (2,716), Herbert McIlvaine Jr. (2,677) and Bryan Rehm (2,625).

Incumbent board members seeking those seats were Sherrie Leber (2,584), James Cashman (2,526), Edward Rowand (2,547) and Alan Bonsell (2,469).

Winning two-year seats were Dover CARES candidates Lawrence Gurreri (2,623), Judy McIlvaine (2,658) and Patricia Dapp (2,670).

Incumbent board members seeking those seats were Eric Riddle (2,545), Ronald Short (2,544) and Sheila Harkins (2,466).

In a race for a separate two-year seat, Dover CARES candidate Phil Herman edged school board member David Napierskie, 2,542 votes to 2,516.