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Jesse L. Alston Jr., York

Jack H. Barton, York

Suzanne Braun, York

Mark A. Cooper, York

Victoria A. Doughty, Shrewsbury

Lois A. Downey, Wellsville

Edward L. Green III, Harrisburg

Bernice R. Harshberger, Spring Grove

Charles R. Hartman II, York

Cassidy A. Holtzman, Port Orchard, Wash.

Joann Jennings, Red Lion

Donald S. Kauffman, York

Paul S. Leppo, New Oxford

Alex Lozano, York

Frances K. Mohrbach, Manhattan, Kan.

Glenn N. Paules, Felton

Kenneth E. Snow, York

Carl E. Snyder, Dallastown

Robert W. Teears, Jacobus

Jacqueline J. Toomer, York

Ruth R. Wagaman, Hanover

Mary L. Wolf, Seven Valleys

H. Jean Zeisloft, Camp Hill

Gary L. Zimmerman, York