York City Police arrested six city residents in the past week for alleged drug offenses.

Herminio Ayala-Castro, 24, Christina Hernandez, 37, and Felix Santiago, 56, all were arrested at their 819 S. Beaver St. home after police raided it, armed with a search warrant, according to Detective First Class Andrew Shaffer.

Seized was $4,200 in heroin, $500 in cocaine and $300 in marijuana, he said.

Ayala-Castro was charged with drug possession with intent to deliver, while Hernandez and Santiago were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Charlton "Smiley" Anderson, 27, and Kenya Nesbit, 32, both of 149 Stevens Ave., were arrested in the 100 block of Hamilton Avenue and charged with delivery of cocaine and conspiracy to deliver cocaine. Shaffer said police seized $600 in cocaine from them.

A raid at 610 Dallas St. netted $300 worth of pot, according to Shaffer, and the home's resident, 30-year-old Stephen Codori, was arrested and charged with marijuana possession with intent to deliver.