Rutter's Farm Stores on Friday announced a change to its rewards program.

Customers now have the ability to receive an automatic 4-cent discount simply by scanning their Rutter's Rewards cards at the pump.

"The policy change requires customers to swipe a card at the pump, or pay inside before fueling, but also allows us to ensure that everyone can take advantage of our program, which is the best in the (convenience store) industry," said Alexandra Henry, spokeswoman for the York-based business which operates 57 convenience stores throughout central Pennsylvania.

Rewards card carriers will continue to earn additional cents off per gallon for in-store purchases, up to the price of a gallon of gas.

To keep track of the balances on their Rewards cards, customers can register them at

Customers who register their cards will receive coupons, special offers and promotions, and be eligible to win monthly prizes.

They can also track their balances by downloading the Rutter's mobile app on their smart phones, which they can use to access additional information, such as gas prices by location, menus, games and more.