The following is a list of retirees from York County school districts for the 2012-13 school year.

Central York School District:

Lindsay Barley, fourth-grade teacher, North Hills Elementary, 5

David Boyer, custodian, Roundtown Elementary, 12

Peggy Carnahan, math coach, Sinking Springs Elementary, 41

Willabelle Carr, cook/cashier, high school, 9

Marjorie Christine, business education teacher, high school, 13

Janis Glusco, seventh-grade teacher, middle school, 10

Barbara Howard, second-grade teacher, Roundtown Elementary, 35

Karen Kauffman, health and phys. ed. teacher, middle school, 35.5

JoAnn King, media assistant, Sinking Springs Elementary, 28

Patricia King, instructional support teacher, North Hills Elementary, 35

Frances Knaub-Keller, director of food services, district, 17

Kathleen Kot, fifth-grade teacher North Hills Elementary, 14

Nicole Lemay, world language teacher, middle school, 29

Bettie Lightner, cook/cashier, York Learning Center, 6

Joan Masimore, minor accounts payable, educational service center, 16

Charlet Miller, principal, Sinking Springs Elementary, 22

Angelia Owen, instructional assistant, high school, 6

Linda Robinson, cook/cashier, middle school, 4

Terry Sheasley, general maintenance/driver, district, 11.5

Sondra Thomas, fifth-grade teacher, Sinking Springs Elementary, 7


Georgia Westphal, cafeteria worker, Sinking Springs Elementary, 15

John Winters, head custodian, North Hills Elementary, 17

Barbara Wood, payroll coordinator, educational service center, 35

Karen Maust, accounts payable, educational service center, 15

John Shields, special education teacher, high school, 16

Dallastown Area School District:

Cindy Cancilla, special education teacher, middle school, 29

Venona Detrick, music teacher, intermediate school, 27.66

Christine D'Orsie, health and phys. ed. teacher, intermediate school, 29.47

Linda Dunlap, special education teacher, middle school, 30.47

Sterling Eberly, custodian, buildings and grounds, 10

Alan Fauth, principal, high school, 22

Linda Ferree, library aide, middle school, 35

Melissa Graver, reading teacher, Loganville-Springfield Elementary, 35.11

Kenneth Hall, substitute custodian, buildings and grounds, 5.21

Karen Herr, special education teacher, York Township Elementary, 30.69

Lisa Hildebrand, art teacher, Loganville-Springfield/Leaders Heights Elementary schools, 24.53

Patricia Holtzapple, secretary, intermediate school, 24.97

Jo-Ann Howard, second-grade teacher, Leaders Heights Elementary, 24

Patricia McClenaghan, kindergarten teacher, York Township Elementary, 35

Anne Moul, music (strings) teacher, elementary and middle schools, 34.25

Paula Rineer, librarian, Ore Valley Elementary, 22

Elizabeth Stackpoole, family and consumer sciences teacher, high school, 29.46

Linda Thompson, part-time teacher's aide, Loganville-Springfield Elementary, 23.04

Donald Trout, technology education teacher, high school, 30.90

Rita Vicchiotti, first-grade teacher, Ore Valley Elementary, 29.85

Dover Area School District:

Fran Bodnar, food service worker, Weigelstown Elementary, 27

Shirley Crone, head custodian, Weigelstown Elementary, 28

Sally Delp, head cook, intermediate school, 24

Jacquelne Eby, teacher, Leib Elementary, 13

Beth Fogleman, teacher, Leib Elementary, 33

Jacklyn Keagy, teacher, high school, 26

Manuelito Morales, teacher, high school, 11

Faye Rinker, administrator, administration building;15

Kathy Schrann, teacher, intermediate school, 31

Thomas Smith, custodian, high school, 7

William Stone, teacher, high school, 26

Jere Wynegar, teacher, high school, 27

Eastern York School District:

Pamela Beckmeyer, kindergarten teacher, Wrightsville Elementary, 39

Lawrence Bowe, social studies teacher, high school, 22

Joan Caruso, learning support/special education teacher, Kreutz Creek Elementary, 21

Susan Doran, reading teacher, Kreutz Creek Elementary, 32

Sonia Flinchbaugh, nurse assistant, elementary schools, 25

Carolyn Krepps, kindergarten assistant, Kreutz Creek Elementary, 18

Michael Ober, technology education teacher, high school, 33

Ruthann Palacios, teacher assistant, high school, 26

Mary Scott, receptionist, high school, 25

Charlene Sherrer, sixth grade math teacher, middle school, 14

Judith Tunney, fourth grade teacher, Canadochly Elementary, 28

Judy Tyson, fifth grade teacher, Kreutz Creek Elementary, 34

Terry Walker, social studies teacher and track coach, high school, 28

Joseph Zamulinsky, district food service director, 24

Hanover Public School District:

Mary Brown, LPN program coordinator, district, 6.5

David Cataldo, social studies teacher, high school, 8.3

Emily Emig, special education teacher, high school, 20

Carol Forbes, elementary librarian, 17.3

Tony Grimes, facilities manager, 39.8

Joanne Gulden, cafeteria worker, 26

Deborah Hare, head high school custodian, 28.8

Deborah Herring, elementary teacher, 13

Paul Holub, Jr., custodian, 20.1

Sara Little, art teacher, high school, 38.3

Mary McKim, elementary teacher, 7

Stacey Yost, payroll clerk, 30.8

Northeastern School District:

Devon Betz, reading specialist, Shallow Brook Intermediate, 5

Cindy Diehl, secretary, Mount Wolf Elementary, 31

Diane Jordan, kindergarten teacher, Conewago Elementary, 39

Sharon Kempf, data technology assistant, administration center, 15

Duane Pritchard, science teacher, high school, 30

Eugene Snell, central receiving supervisor, maintenance building, 30

Delores Snell, custodian, high school, 35

Sharon Willow, kindergarten teacher, Mount Wolf Elementary, 34

Northern York County School District:

Faith Matthews, fourth grade teacher, Dillsburg Elementary, 35

Diann Carricato, one-on-one aide, Northern Elementary, 6

Diana Thomas, reading specialist, South Mountain Elementary (years not available)

Red Lion Area School District:

Beth Barshinger, support staff, Pleasant View Elementary, 22

Sharon Beshore, learning support teacher, senior high, 36

Roxanne Donnan, learning support teacher, Locust Grove Elementary, 21

Susan Dunham, principal, Mazie Gable Elementary, 24.5

Steve Gray, custodian, senior high, 4

Joanne Guttridge, math teacher, senior high, 20

Janet Hartman, teacher, Larry J. Macaluso Elementary, 12.5

John Heininger, custodian, Pleasant View Elementary, 21.5

Elizabeth Jurgen, teacher, Windsor Manor Elementary, 22

Deborah Keener, mathematics teacher, senior high, 33

Sandra Keller,teacher, Clearview Elementary, 36

Pauline Klinedinst, custodian, senior high, 32.75

Patricia Krout, cafeteria manager, junior high, 25

Paul Kuhn, social studies teacher, senior high, 39

Craig Landis, teacher, Clearview Elementary, 38

Joan Longnecker, secretary, Mazie Gable Elementary, 25

Colleen Lucas, instructional support teacher, Mazie Gable Elementary, 18

Judith Mahala, teacher, Locust Grove Elementary, 10

Phyllis March, guidance counselor, senior high, 39

Margretta O'Brien, teacher, Locust Grove Elementary, 23

Nancy Orwick, secretary, education center, 41

Darlene Resline, cafeteria worker, senior high, 37

Jacquelyn Smith, learning support teacher, senior high, 31

Linda Stern, teacher, Clearview Elementary, 37

Constance Sylvanus, teacher, Larry J. Macaluso Elementary, 22

Cynthia Williams, principal, Pleasant View Elementary, 24

Bonita Woltman, teacher, Larry J. Macaluso Elementary, 34.5

South Eastern School District:

Ellen Beifus, learning support teacher, middle school-east, 6

Paula Denton, business manager, administration building, 6

Karen Eaches, health and physical education teacher, middle school-east, 14

Susan Gibbs, secretary to the superintendent, administration building, 10

Dinelle Hannigan, family and consumer science teacher, middle school-east, 9

Ruth Harris, custodian, high school, 22

Sallyann Herring, librarian, middle school-east, 29

Carolyn Jacobs, business education teacher, middle school-east, 14

Kelly Lawlor, English teacher, high school, 5

Linda Martin, gifted teacher, middle school-east, 26

Debra Moreland, reading specialist, Fawn Area Elementary, 18

Joseph Oswald, science teacher, middle school-east, 11

Patricia Pearce, instructional aide, high school, 20

Charlie Rineholt, custodian, Fawn Area Elementary, 37

Kathryn Sherman, English teacher, high school, 8

Alvin Wienecke, custodian, high school, 8

South Western School District:

Marilee Carlson, ESL teacher, Emory H. Markle Intermediate, 18.42

John Clark, head custodian, high school, 19

Harriett Fox, bus driver, 19

Susan Garvick, bus driver, 28

Michelle Holtzapple, reading specialist, West Manheim Elementary, 30

Karen Horrell, receptionist, administration office, 21.5

Patricia Klinedinst, food service, West Manheim Elementary, 28

Victor Konsavage, bus driver, 19

Deborah Kuhns, learning support teacher, West Manheim Elementary, 35

Barbara Mackley, school nurse, Emory H. Markle Intermediate, 13

Penny Miller, secretary, Park Hills Elementary, 26

Thomas O'Connor, guidance counselor, high school, 39.1

Karen Oliver, learning support teacher, high school, 28.59

Barbara Scott, social studies teacher, high school, 21.02

Donald Seidenstricker, physical education teacher, high school, 35

Emma Jo Shue, bus driver, 15

Catherine Staub, learning support teacher, Baresville Elementary, 32.89

Southern York County School District:

Marcia Albright, food service, Shrewsbury Elementary, 26

Mahlon Bechtel, custodian, Southern Elementary, 12

Sheila K. Bedell, English/journalism teacher, high school, 35

Bryan E. Bortner, learning support teacher, high school, 25.5

Jane Bubb, secretary to the superintendent, administration building, 31.5

Connie M. Conrad, second grade teacher, Friendship Elementary, 26.5

Victoria L. Dodson, learning support itinerant teacher, Southern Elementary, 34

John Forbes, head custodian, Friendship Elementary, 26

Irene J. Gerba, second grade teacher, Friendship Elementary, 36

Judith Hooper, instructional assistant, Southern Elementary, 28

Sharon Irwin, health room assistant, Southern and Shrewsbury elementary schools, 6

Bonnie Long, secretary to the principal, high school, 9.5

Crystal A. Mueller, math specialist, Shrewsbury and Southern elementary schools, 39

June Russell, custodian, high school, 20.5

Karen L. Ruth, third grade teacher, Southern Elementary, 36.5

Marlene J. Spark, district school psychologist, 34

Mary B. Tombesi, family and consumer science teacher, high school, 36

Jean G. Weidler, school nurse, Shrewsbury and Southern elementary schools, 10

Susan Wilt, custodian, middle school, 27.5

Spring Grove Area School District:

Marvin Barnhart, custodian, high school, 5.5

Lee Ann Boller, teacher, Spring Grove Elementary, 13

Susan Bucchioni, art teacher, Spring Grove Intermediate and Elementary, 27

Patricia Burakow, teacher, Spring Grove Elementary, 23

Sally Fringer, teacher's aide, intermediate school, 24

Mark Heidel, head custodian, middle school, 7

Dwayne Henry, teacher, Paradise Elementary, 33

Lloyd Hershey, maintenance, all buildings, 38.75

Cheryl Hoffman, social studies teacher, middle school, 30.5

Betty Kessler, custodian, Spring Grove Elementary, 12.5

Peggy Layman, teacher, Spring Grove Elementary, 13

Barbara Leppo, teacher, all elementary schools, 34

Brenda Mulvey, clerical support staff, middle school and education service center, 18.5

Sharan Rinehart, English teacher, middle school, 35.25

Sandra Smyser, teacher, New Salem Elementary, 28.5

West Shore School District:

Esther Alt, food service, Fairview Elementary, 22

Elena Bartlett, music teacher, Highland and Lower Allen elementary schools, 19

Debra Beck, food service, Crossroads Middle School, 21

Elva Biggs, bus driver, transportation center, 16

Jeffrey Capp, academic core seminar teacher, all elementary schools, 32

Wendy Cekovich, counselor, Crossroads Middle School, 25

William Chase, social studies teacher, Red Lion High School, 20

Karen Day, building aide, Red Mill Elementary, 12

John Devorick, music teacher, Red Lion High School, 8

Linda Dinsmore, nurse, Cedar Cliff High School, 25

Kathy Ford, computer teacher, Allen Middle School, 7.5

JoLinda Frey, reading aide, Highland Elementary, 16

Donna Gardner, custodian, Lower Allen Elementary, 18

Susan Grubb, third grade teacher, Rossmoyne Elementary, 33

Patricia Guy, secretary to the superintendent, administration center, 30

Karen Hamill, health and physical education teacher, Crossroads Middle School, 9

Marta Hamme, social studies teacher, Lemoyne Middle School, 33.5

Judith Hawthorn, tech education teacher, Cedar Cliff High School, 35

Louise Heckman, special ed. teacher, Washington Heights Elementary, 21

Craig Helmuth, math teacher, Red Lion High School, 35

Esther Kitner, food service, Red Lion High School, 28

Darcy Lodge, food service, Lemoyne Middle School, 28

Shirley Marshall, food service, Red Lion High School, 24

Marianne McNally, third-grade teacher, Highland Elementary, 23

Frank Reed, transportation mechanic, transportation center, 11

Belinda Roselli, food service, Red Lion High School, 27

Louise Shuey, fourth-grade teacher, Fairview Elementary, 24

Wendy Swartley, music teacher, New Cumberland Middle School, 35

Mark Ulsh, health and phys. ed. teacher, Lemoyne Middle School, 36

David Weiler, custodian, Washington Heights Elementary, 21

David Yarnot, maintenance mechanic, administration center, 5

West York Area School District:

Judy S. Altland, food services assistant, high school/Trimmer Elementary, 26

Karen S. Brenneman, secretary, middle school, 30

Sharen M. Dietz, food services assistant, Trimmer Elementary, 10

R. Michael Jacoby, English teacher, high school, 35

Margaret Kohler, first-grade teacher, Wallace Elementary, 36

Marcia Murray, learning support, middle school, 19

Tina K. Myers, custodian, Trimmer Elementary, 7

Roberta A. Rosenzweig, first-grade teacher, Loucks Elementary, 13

York City School District:

Debbie Hummel, principal, Goode K-8, 27

Estebania Nina Molina, bi-lingual secretary, administration building, 13

Francis Winslow, life skills teacher, Jackson K-8, 28

Lori Ferrell, executive assistant, administration building, 13

Julie Akins, elementary teacher, McKinley K-8, 30

Ellen Keeports, cafeteria assistant, Devers K-8, 30

John Gingrich, math teacher, McKinley K-8, 10

Lawrence Bottorf, plant operator, Jackson K-8, 21

Sharon Jordan, cafeteria aide, Davis K-8, 10

Ronald Simpson, cafeteria assistant, McKinley K-8, 9

Carol Day, cafeteria aide, Devers K-8, 14

Eileen Price, benefits manager, administration building, 7

Deborah Savage, supervisor/special ed., administration building, 5

Jeannie Himmelberger, elementary teacher, Ferguson K-8, 22

Cathy Bair, elementary teacher, Devers K-8, 21

Linda Christman, learning support teacher, Ferguson K-8, 7

Diane Redman, hall monitor, high school, 24

Denise Bath, learning support teacher, Goode K-8, 30

Bonnie Cole, special education teacher, McKinley K-8, 19

Beverly Grove, grade-six teacher, Devers K-8, 37

Mary Eshelman, art teacher, Ferguson K-8, 29

Cathy Jenkins, emotional support teacher, high school, 30

Susan Leitzel, speech/language therapist, Davis K-8/Jackson K-8, 17

Deborah Saxmann, learning support teacher, Jackson K-8, 20

April Wu, secondary math teacher, Lindbergh Academy, 11

Shana Edwards, paraprofessional, Goode K-8, 18

Sandra Brenneman, speech therapist, Ferguson K-8, 17

Melissa Golden, special education teacher, high school, 8

York Suburban School District:

Marcia Hildebrand, reading aide, East York Elementary, 6

Jonnie Regan, learning support teacher, Indian Rock Elementary, 27

Wanda Wandress, second-grade teacher, Valley View Elementary, 23

Debra Young, math teacher, middle school, 13

Dennis Younkin, director of finance and support services, 5