A York College professor is a member of a research team that received a $10 million award for its work toward machine vision systems.

Greg Link, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, is collaborating on the project. Link said he first became connected with the research through Vijay Narayanan, Link's doctorate advisor at Penn State.

Narayanan approached him about joining the team because of his experience building prototypes and improving computer code, aspects that will be important for the project, Link said.

The research team's goal is to work toward creating ways for technology like computers to "see" and process information. An example is the ability for point-and-shoot cameras to recognize human faces, but the team aims to create visual technology that will rival or exceed the capabilities of human vision.

The award is one of two $10 million awards given and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The awards are the single largest investments the foundation makes toward computer science research.

The award will be given over a period of five years, and Link said it will allow the research team to learn more about the capabilities of the technology. The funds will also start to shape the direction of the research for future grants.

Link said the project's proposal stretches the bounds of what could be possible in the next few years.

"They're meant to be lofty, serious goals," Link said.

Part of the research process will be to find what works and what doesn't, Link said. He said the research never ends, but hopefully the capabilities will become more clear as the project moves forward.


Link said he is excited to hire his first student researcher, who will assist with the project's developments starting next semester.

The research team includes colleagues from all over the nation, including Penn State, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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