Members of the York City School District's school board Monday interviewed the lone applicant for an open position on the board.

James Sawor said he is interested in the job because of his love for the city.

Sawor is a graduate of William Penn Senior High School and York College. He holds a degree in urban planning and works at the York County 911 Center.

Recently, York City Mayor Kim Bracey appointed Sawor to the city's Human Relations Commission.

Sawor, 32, said he's looking for ways to serve the community.

"I have nothing but motivation," he said.

Members of the school board could vote to appoint Sawor at a 6:30 p.m. meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 15. They asked him a series of questions Monday.

For example, Sawor was asked how he feels about the district's recovery plan, designed to improve the district's financial situation. District leaders considered converting the city's schools to charter schools but decided instead on what's become known as the "internal transformation model."

Sawor said he does not really like the idea of charter schools. However, he said, the district could learn from the successes of some charter schools.

Sawor also said he believes the district could keep more children interested in school by using more technology in the classroom.

If appointed, Sawor will fill the spot left vacant by the Rev. Aaron Willford, who was elected to the board in November but declined to accept the position.


Willford had served on the board until May, when he resigned, citing "the vindictiveness of the leadership of our board."

By that time, it was too late to remove his name from the November ballot.

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