Italia Roberts just had to go out in the snowstorm even though she had the day off Tuesday.

"I didn't have to go to work, but I just couldn't stay in all day," said Roberts, of Manchester Township. "I had to venture out, see how it was (outside). The roads weren't good. Now I have to pray to get home safely."

York County received 6 to 10 inches of snow, according to Frank Strait, senior meteorologist with

Several local inch counts have been reported to AccuWeather, including 10 inches of snow in Shrewsbury, more than 9 inches in Dover, at least 7 inches in Dallastown and Red Lion, and 6 inches or more in Hanover, Lewisberry, Leader Heights and East York, Strait said.

Inches of snow: Since the start of the new year, the county has received 14.7 inches of snow, though it averages 8.9 inches, Strait said.

For the December-January-February winter period, a total of 21.2 inches of snow has covered the county so far. The average for that period is 25 inches, Strait said.

Because of Tuesday's snowstorm, public and private school classes were canceled, as well as classes at York College, Penn State York and YTI. York County and court operations closed at noon.

Several municipalities declared snow emergencies, including Felton, North Codorus, Shrewsbury, Spring Grove, Springfield Township, Stewartstown, West York, Yoe and York City.

Various community organizations either closed their facilities early or canceled evening events. The city's council canceled its meeting as did the West York Area School Board and the Northern York County Regional Police Commission.

PennDOT lowered speed limits on major roads in southcentral Pennsylvania. In York County, the speed limit on Interstate 83 and Route 30 and Route 15 was lowered to 45 mph.

Opportunity: While Roberts ventured in the storm, Karen Miller Gleba's two kids saw the snow as an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Ten-year-old Alex and 8-year-old Sarah, along with some neighborhood friends, sold chocolate-chip cookies and hot chocolate to sledders at Reservoir Hill.

"This was their idea to go out and see if they can make some money," Miller Gleba, of Spring Garden Township, said. "My very nice husband ran out and bought all the supplies last night."

The children's goal was to donate the money to the York County SPCA.

Miller Gleba said it's not the first time her children have capitalized on the change in seasons. They sometimes sell lemonade during the summer, she said.

The four huskies who live at Lori Uhrich's home in West York didn't need weathermen to know it would snow Tuesday.

"It's almost like they can smell it in the air," Uhrich said. "The night before, they're already dancing around."

On snow days like Tuesday, Uhrich said, she lets her dogs out for 20 or 30 minutes at a time to romp around in the snow. They come inside, warm up and almost immediately want to go back out, she said.

Uhrich, 50, said she loves the snow too.

"I think it's a chance for everybody to just kick back and relax," Uhrich said. "Everybody looks at it as something bad because they're not out doing what they're supposed to be doing. But I think sometimes its God's way of saying, 'Kick back and relax. Enjoy the day. Take it easy.'"

Inconvenience: For Cody Zortman, 24, of West Manchester Township, the snow was "an inconvenience" for his work and his wallet.

"I do construction, and I had to cancel work," he said. "But I know it makes sense to get snow now. It's that time of year for it."

Jess Boring, 24, also of West Manchester Township, said her Harrisburg Area Community College classes were canceled. On top of that, Boring -- who is studying dental hygiene -- said she was sick and still had to come out in the snow for medicine and to get food.

"Yeah, there are some inconveniences, and I'll have to see how we'll make up the classes we missed because of this snow," Boring said.

On Tuesday, close to 10 York County school districts announced two-hour delays for Wednesday morning, including Central York, Dallastown Area, Spring Grove and York Suburban.

The county may get "a fresh coating of snow" on Thursday and Saturday, though the accumulation will be about an inch each day, Strait said.

For the remainder of the week, the high temperature is expected to be 20 on Thursday, 18 on Friday, 35 on Saturday and 26 on Sunday, he said.

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