From carving to painting, Jeremiah McGee said he understands the hard work involved in creating a car for the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby.

"It's fun," added Jeremiah, 9, a third-grader at Loganville-Springfield Elementary School. "Cub Scouts like to show off their cars and race against each other."

The young Loganville resident said he can't wait to participate in the Pinewood Derby to be held from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Goodwill Fire Co., 1 S. Main St. in Jacobus.

Event details: The free event will be held by Cub Scout Pack 69, which serves about 40 Cub Scouts — boys in first to fifth grades — who mainly live in Jacobus, Loganville and Springfield Township, said Eric Mueller, Jeremiah's grandfather and the pack's assistant Cub master.

The pack is part of the New Birth of Freedom Cub Scout Council, which has service centers in York and Mechanicsburg.

The Pinewood Derby, a Boy Scouts of America event in its 61st year, features races between cars created from official kits consisting of pinewood blocks, axles and wheels.

The cars can be no longer than seven inches, no wider than 2-3/4 inches and weigh no more than 5 ounces, according to derby regulations. The pinewood blocks can be shaped and painted to make them into race cars of various designs, including tanks, boats, buses and trucks.

For the race, the cars are placed on a 30-foot track with the starting end lifted at a 45-degree angle and the finish end on the floor.

The majority of the Cub Scout Pack 69 members are expected to participate in the derby. The pack consists of five dens, which will have racers competing against each other.

Then the winners from each den will race their cars to determine the overall winner who — along with several den winners — will compete in the local Indian Rock District Pinewood Derby to be held Saturday, May 17, Mueller said.

Racing Scouts: He said the derby gives Cub Scouts opportunities to build confidence as they plan their race car projects and see the results of their hard work.

Cub Scout Andrew Lipinski, 9, also a third-grader at Loganville-Springfield Elementary School, said he's "pretty excited" about participating in his fourth derby. "I like racing against the other guys," he said. "I learned that (the car project) works better when you work with a group. My parents helped me with this."

While Jeremiah said his car will be shaped like a military tank, Andrew said his car looks like a boat on wheels.

Andrew's mother, Laura Lipinski, said Pinewood Derby is a fun day for families as they cheer on their favorite racers.

"It's fun just to see their faces when they're racing," she said. "They're seeing that something they built, made with their own hands, actually is working," she said.

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