York City has announced changes to its trash-collection schedule because of weather conditions.

There was no collection Wednesday, according to a news release.

Residents who normally have their trash picked up Mondays and Thursdays will have their collection Friday.

Residents who normally have their trash picked up Tuesdays and Fridays will have their collection Saturday. Those residents can set out twice as much trash but are asked to withhold recycling items until Tuesday.

The city is asking property owners to make trash collection as easy as possible on haulers.

For example, place all trash in securely tied, heavy bags or trash cans with tight-fitting lids. Use dark-colored bags so they are visible against snow-covered ground.

Property owners should clear a path to all items. In places with heavy snow accummulation, place items on top or in front of snow piles.

To be sure items are hauled away, place trash at the pick-up point no later than 6 a.m. on the day of collection.