Winners in the York Suburban School District snowman contest are, Chloe Wolfe, right, and her brother Gianni, left photo. They tied for the
Winners in the York Suburban School District snowman contest are, Chloe Wolfe, right, and her brother Gianni, left photo. They tied for the 'creative' winning snowman with Angel Hoffman-Hursh, right photo; Kayla de Garay, left, and Shelby Dorf, center photo, built the 'classic' winning snowman. Submitted photos

The rain Wednesday might be erasing signs of the snow that fell last week. But one fifth-grade class in the York Suburban School District chose to embrace the snow while it was here — and encouraged the district to join them.

At the beginning of February, Indian Rock Elementary teacher Sonia Guyer asked her class how many of them had been out in the snow during the previous snow day. Only a few students raised their hands.

That snowstorm had been one of the warmer ones, and Guyer said if she could find the time to play outside with her own children, her students should also be outside, taking advantage of the elements while they could. So when the forecast called for more than 10 inches of snow last week, Guyer gave her students an informal homework assignment: Build a snowman.

What started as a classroom contest moved district-wide when the school posted the contest on its Facebook page for any resident in the community to enter. The contest was just for bragging rights, but Guyer's 22 students voted Wednesday to name the winners. The students chose from 14 entries.

Rankings: Guyer asked her class to rank their top three choices in two categories. The students chose their favorite classic snowman and their favorite creative creation.

After the votes were tallied, the favorite classic snowman won with 20 votes. Complete with carrot nose, scarf and all, it was submitted by York Suburban High School students Kayla de Garay and Shelby Dorf.

Fifth-grader Taby Halza said she voted for that one because "it seems like a perfect snowman."

Halza also voted for the two snowmen that tied with 17 votes in the creative category. One, which Guyer called "surfer dude," was built by York Suburban Middle School teacher Eric Hoffman and his son, Angel Hoffman-Hursh.

Halza said she voted for the surfer snowman, dressed in beachwear, because it reminded her of summer. Classmate Trevor Trevor said he's also ready for warmer temperatures, which is why that snowman got his vote in the creative category.

Class participation: Trevor made his own snowman for the contest, with a Baltimore Ravens jersey and umbrellas for arms. He said he was one of the students outside before Guyer challenged the class to the contest.

Halza and Mackenzie Corsa were two of the students who voted for the other snowman, which closely resembles Olaf from the Disney movie "Frozen." Olaf was submitted by Chloe Wolfe, who attends afternoon kindergarten at Yorkshire Elementary.

Corsa said she was "shocked" at the similarities between the snowman and the character.

"My friend and I tried to build that one, but it didn't go so well," she said.

Halza and Corsa said they were also out in the snow last week, sledding and building forts or snowmen. But though they liked the contest and enjoyed the snow, they're ready for warmer temperatures, too.

I want summer to come," Halza said. "At least the sun to come."

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