The Dover Area School Board is still trying to resolve issues with booster clubs that have yet to submit their financial paperwork.

During its Feb. 18 meeting, the board set a March 15 deadline for the clubs to file an update on what they're doing to come into compliance to district, state and IRS requirements associated with their activities.

The board is considering whether booster clubs should be covered by the district's insurance policy.

Ongoing issue: The school board had asked all booster clubs for several years to submit reports that show their financial operations and proof of their nonprofit status with the IRS and the state's Bureau of Charitable Organizations, a continuing request that culminated in a board motion in October requiring that the records be turned over in November.

The aquatics club and the athletic boosters submitted the appropriate paperwork.

However, district business manager Belinda Wallen has said the band and choir boosters did not.

Proof: Those clubs need to submit proof of compliance or proof of why they are not required to follow certain guidelines within the district policy, IRS code and state law, said attorney Mieke Driscoll with CGA Law Firm, which serves the district.

The clubs also should submit to the board and district officials their bylaws and names of their officials, she said.

Debate about the booster clubs has been ongoing because the clubs have not shared information required by the district, she said.

The district needs to let its insurance company know in April which school-affiliated organizations would be included in the policy, which could affect the premium amount, Driscoll said.

The current insurance policy runs through July, she said.

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