Weather permitting, York City curbside customers may include yard waste on their normal recycling day beginning Monday. All yard waste must meet the following requirements:

Brush: Branches must be less than 4 inches in diameter, be no more than three feet by three feet bundles and weigh a maximum of 40 pounds or use authorized yellow yard waste cans (maximum 40 pounds).

Leaves/pruning/garden residue (no grass clippings): Use biodegradable kraft paper bags, maximum 32 gallons or 40 pounds, or use authorized yellow yard waste cans (maximum 40 pounds).

Customers are reminded that plastic bags should NOT be used and will not be collected for yard waste collections. Do not line yard waste cans with bags. Grass clippings should be placed in with regular trash and counts toward the normal trash bag limit.

The Yard Waste Facility at Memorial Stadium for city residents only will open from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, April 5, weather permitting. Proof of customer status or residency, such as a valid license or a recent sewer bill, must be provided. It is accessible to York City customers only and should be used only during the hours of operation. Violators will be prosecuted under the local ordinance for illegal dumping and may be fined up to $600.