The eight-member Sprenkle-Minter family will have plenty of space to grow in their new Habitat home.

Yolanda Sprenkle, 31, and her boyfriend, Edward Minter, 38, received the keys to their new home Tuesday at 321 E. Poplar St. in York City.

The three-floor house has five bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, spacious enough for the couple and their six children.

'I'm happy':Their house was the 112th home to be dedicated by York Habitat for Humanity, which renovated it.

"First we thank God and then we thank Habitat and everyone who worked on this home," Sprenkle said. "I'm excited. I'm happy and I feel blessed."

Both Sprenkle and Minter work at Colonial Manor Nursing Home in York. Sprenkle is a certified nurse assistant and Minter is a transporter. Minter has a daughter, Talaya, 14, and three sons, Tyrus, 11, Edward Jr., 12 and Elijah 6. Sprenkle has two boys, Jevin Orr, 6, and Dezmen Nguyen, 10.

The Sprenkle-Minter home was the largest rehabilitation property completed by Habitat, said Debbie Krout-Althoff, Habitat's executive director.

Habitat purchased the East Poplar Street home from Bell Socialization Services. The once-blighted property had been vacant for at least 20 years.

"It's amazing what this house has become considering what it used to be," Krout-Althoff said. "This is our 112th home, and we're proud of that."


Habitat help: To complete the project, which started in July, Habitat received volunteer help from the public, from York County Prison inmates and various organizations and schools, including Crispus Attucks YouthBuild Charter School.

Altogether, more than 4,000 hours of volunteer work was done on the house, Krout-Althoff said. Volunteer work helps keep down the mortgage cost for the new homeowners.

Habitat has provided homes to 410 people, including the Sprenkle-Minter family members, who had been staying in a two-bedroom home on Reineke Place, Krout-Althoff said.

New life: With their Habitat home, the family now has a chance to start a new life that could lead to a successful future for their children, said Sandra Harrison, property manager at York Housing Authority, which works with Habitat to provide safe and affordable housing.

"It is so important for families to have their most basic need met, and that's to have a home," she said. "Now we're looking forward to seeing the children become doctors, lawyers, teachers, leaders, as the result of the family being in this home."

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