The fifth-floor build-out of the York County Judicial Center has a new price tag.

The project, which will create a new floor of courtrooms and offices at the center, was expected to cost $6.7 million. But because of an oversight of audio-visual equipment costs, that number turns out to be about $7.1 million.

York County Commissioners Wednesday approved a contract between the county and Sage Technology Solutions in Mount Joy for the purchase and installation of the equipment in four courtrooms and two multi-purpose rooms. The project's total cost is $369,074, which will be added on to capital project costs.

The term "audio-visual equipment" doesn't just mean DVD players and screens, said county facilities director Scott Cassel. It also includes microphones, speakers and a touchscreen interface for judges, he said.

Cassel said he was under the impression that the equipment was included in the bid package for the project.

The good news is that no markup was passed along through the contract, he said.

The new floor is expected to open by the summer of 2015, with construction beginning in May or June.

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