Getting rid of tires sitting around a property is a beautiful thing.

The York County Solid Waste Authority is extending its free tire-disposal program pre-registration period from April 23 to Friday, May 23.

The program's deadline was extended to give people more time to pre-register to drop off their tires. Residents may have been hindered from participating in the program because of cold and inclement weather, said Ellen O'Connor, the authority's spokeswoman.

The program registration process started March 3, she said.

Program details: This is the third year for the free tire-disposal program that coincides with Earth Day and is designed to support the anti-litter efforts of Keep York County Beautiful, which coordinates cleanup projects throughout the county.

The program's goal is to give county residents opportunities to get rid their tires, teach them proper tire management, while cutting down on illegal dumping, she said. Proper tire disposal helps eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds, O'Connor added.

So far, the authority has received close to 100 tires for disposal at its York County Resource Recovery Center at 2651 Blackridge Road in Manchester Township, according to O'Connor.

Last year, close to 700 tires were brought in, totalling 16.79 tons, she said.

Residents who complete the required registration for the program receive dashboard placards to be placed in their cars. They can schedule times to bring up to 10 tires to the center at any time during the rest of the year.


Tire disposal: When they arrive at the resource recovery center, the weighmaster will accept the placard and tell them where to dispose of the tires, O'Connor said.

Program participants usually bring in their tires within two weeks of their registration, she said. The program provides one placard per household. Businesses are not eligible for the program.

Tires must be off the rim and cannot be dirty, full of water or exceed a diameter of 32 inches.

Most garbage haulers will also collect tires at the curb. Residents should call them to learn how many tires can be put out at one time, O'Connor said.

"We're trying to get people to take advantage of a service they already have," she said. "This program is an easy way to get rid of tires sitting around on the property and help the environment at the same time."

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