In a continuing effort to make its school buildings more secure, the Dallastown Area school board will vote next week on whether to improve three school entrances.

If approved, the district will spend $41,242 from its capital reserve funds to upgrade the entraces at three elementary schools. The new entrances will ensure that visitors to the school enter the office before gaining access to the rest of the building, said board member Michael Noll.

The buildings and grounds committee visited every building this year to re-evaluate the safety of the buildings, in light of school violence in the state and nation, he said.

"Every now and again you have to look internally," Noll said.

The committee identified some key areas in all of the schools, but recommends the board vote to complete the first three projects, which can be done in-house without bidding for construction.

If approved, entrances will be modified this summer at the Ore Valley, Loganville-Springfield and Leaders Heights elementary schools. The projects are scheduled to be completed by the time students return to school in the fall, Noll said.

Though each design is specific to the building layout, Noll said the changes will put at least one level of separation between visitors and students.

At an April meeting, superintendent Ron Dyer said the district is in the process of evaluating internal and external policies and buidings to improve overall safety.


The entrance changes coincide with the district's new identification program, which will scan the driver's licenses of visitors to check if they are a registered sex offender or if there are any custody issues with that guardian.

Additional changes to the rest of the district buildings are expected in the months to come, Noll said.