---Bowler: Steve Bowen, 28, of Westminster, Md.

---Latest bowling accom plishment: Rolled an 803 series, the first of his career, at Hanover Bowling Centre.

---I started bowling: At age 5.

---Bowlers I have learned the most from: My father Ron, Nolan Weaver, Sonny Poole and many others.

---Best bowling advice I ever received: Take your time and focus on one frame at a time.

---Most memorable bowling moment: Rolling my first 300 game.

---Parts of my game I'm working on improving: Being more consistent and my spare shooting.

---Bowling appeals to me because: It's a fun game.

---Advice I would give to someone just starting to bowl: Relax and be patient.

---Non-bowlers don't real ize: How much physical ability is needed to be a good bowler.

---Future goal: Keep improving.

---Note: Lincolnway Bowling hosts the Pennsylvania Junior Bowling Tour at 10:30 a.m., Sunday, Nov. 25. The entry fee is $27 for members and $30 for non-members. Bowlers will compete for more than $1,000 in awards and scholarships. For information, visit

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