The old saying "better late than never" is quite appropriate when it comes to details surrounding one of Stephanie Whipple-Miller's bowling accomplishments.

Whipple-Miller, who topped the York County women's charts last season with a 232 average over 132 games, only recently was informed that she had the highest average in the state for females during the 2010-2011 season.

The timing of the discovery did shock Whipple-Miller a little. It came a full season after the ensuing 2011-2012 campaign.

Whipple-Miller, who is the wife of two-time PBA East Regional Tournament champion Terry Miller, hopes to use the achievement to fuel a surge in what has been a little bit of a disappointing 2012-2013 season thus far.

We caught up with Whipple-Miller this week to discuss the accomplishment, her bowling relationship with her husband and her future goals for this week's edition of Sports Q&A:

So when did you find out you had the highest average of any woman in the state?

"For some reason I just found out that I had the high women's average for the state for the season 2010-2011 about a month ago. So I was kind of surprised and happy to find out about it, even though it's about two years old."

The timing of that is a bit unusual, right?

"Yeah. I don't know if the state is just slow in processing information and the awards or, if the person that gave it to me had it for a while and never got it to me. But (finding out) couldn't have come at a better time for me because I've been going through some personal stuff on a medical note. So this was a nice little pick-me-up."


How much more dif ficult is it to do it on the state level as op posed to the county, where you've been a dominant force over the past decade or so?

"It's one thing to have the high women's average in the county, which is awesome, but to do it for the whole state ... that's just more awesome."

Since you only found out about 2010-2011 recently, do you know how you did last year?

"I did try to get a hold of someone about 2011-2012 to see if I might have repeated, because my average was actually one pin (232) higher than that season. So somebody got back to me from the state and said that a different girl had actually had a little bit of a higher average. So I didn't get it for last season."

So were you second? Did they tell you?

"(Laughs). They didn't tell me, but I was probably in the top five of the state. That would be my guess. For 2010-2011 I averaged a 231 and then in 2011-2012 I actually averaged a 232, which was one pin higher. I think that the girl that got the high average for the state that year was at a 236."

I saw that you just missed making the finals of the York County Bowlers Asso ciation Match Play Tournament last year. Terry won that title a few years back. What would it be like if you both made the finals and had to bowl against one another?

"That would actually (stink). Neither one of us would let the other one win. There's just no way. Someone would go home happy and someone would go home happier. I'd have to say that would be tough."

So who wins each time you bowl against one another?

"I'm a competitive bowler and he is as well. On house patterns, we're probably comparable. One person really doesn't beat the other person more. But if we were to play on tougher lane conditions, he has more experience on that so he would probably win that."

How did you meet Terry?

"We met from mutual friends that bowl. I came along with some of these friends to a bowling tournament at Suburban. That was in 1991 when I was about to start college at Penn State."

So how long have you two been married?

"Well, that's actually a funny story. To make it short, we've actually just had our second wedding anniversary in October, but we've been together for a total of 21 years. So together for 21 but married for two. It's very non-traditional."

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