---Bowler: Travis Sparks, 37, of York.

---Latest bowling accom plishment: Rolled a 300 game and an 805 series at Colony Park North.

---I started bowling: At Stanton Lanes in Wilkes-Barre in 1985.

---Bowlers I have learned the most from: My wife, Jen, and a host of other bowlers.

---Best bowling advice I ever received: Just let it happen; don't force things.

---PBA bowlers I enjoy watching: Parker Bohn III, Doug Kent and Joe Hutchinson.

---Most memorable bowling moment: Rolling my first 300 game in 2008.

---Part of my game I'm working on improving: Adjusting to changing lane conditions.

---Bowling appeals to me because: It's a lifetime sport and it's a lot of fun.

---Non-bowlers don't real ize: How tough bowling is, physically and mentally.

---I'm looking forward to: Competing in my first nationals in Reno in May. It will be extra special because I'll be bowling with the entire family.

---Note: East Lincoln Lanes hosts its 5th annual Holiday Challenge, at 10 a.m., Sunday. The sport-shot tournament features six games of qualifying with the top five advancing to a stepladder finals. The entry fee is $80 and first place is expected to pay $900, based on 36 entries. For information, call 252-3211.

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