Boiling Springs must forfeit its Week 3 victory over Big Spring due to the use of an ineligible player, Boiling Springs athletic director Pat Dieter confirmed to The Sentinel Wednesday.

"We found out about the ineligible player and self reported it," Dieter said. "As soon as it came to our attention, we reported it. Other than a small group of staff and administrators, the coaches, then the players, were first to know about it."

Dieter, who would not say why the player was ineligible, met with the team personally Tuesday afternoon to tell them the news.

The PIAA sets a number of standards an athlete must meet in order to be eligible for competition. A player can't turn 19 before his senior year, must maintain amateur status, attend an affiliated school or charter school, receive consent from a parent or guardian and pass a physical.

In addition, a player only has four consecutive years after eighth grade to compete, meaning if they must repeat a grade in high school, they will not be eligible during their fifth year.

The player must also be passing at least four core subjects as of each Friday during the school year, and must have passed at least four during the previous grading period, even if that jump is from one school year to the next.

The Bubblers' record drops to 0-3, while Big Spring gets its perfect record restored at 3-0.

It marks the third ineligible player to be self reported by a Sentinel-area football team this season.


Camp Hill and Shippensburg both unknowingly used a player in his fifth year of high school in Week 1. The Greyhounds fell to CD East, so they incurred no penalty. Camp Hill was forced to forfeit its win over Upper Dauphin.