Bowler of Week

Bowler: Jen Kline, 31, of York.

Latest bowling accomplishment: Rolled career high 691 series at Laser Alleys.

I started bowling: When I was 7 years old.

Best bowling advice I ever received: Have fun.

PBA bowler I enjoy watching: Jason Belmonte.

Most memorable bowling moment: Rolling nine strikes in a row.

Part of my game I'm working on improving: Being more consistent with my ball speed.

Bowling appeals to me because: I enjoy being with the people and having fun.

Non-bowlers don't realize: How important hand-eye coordination is in bowling.

Advice I would give someone just starting to bowl: This is a difficult sport, don't give up.

Future goal: Roll a 300 game and a 700 series.

Note: East Lincoln Lanes plays host to March Madness Trios on March 15-16 and 22-23. The format features three bowlers on a team and 80 percent of a 220 handicap. The entry fee is $25 and there are unlimited individual cashes, although you can only cash once with the same team. To reserve a squad time or for more information, call (717) 252-3211.

Bowler of the Week is submitted by the York County Bowling Proprietors Association. To nominate a bowler, email bowleroftheweek@gmail.com.