Bowler: Tom Scott Jr., 38, of Dover.

Latest bowling accomplishment: Rolled a 300 game and a 765 series at Colony Park Lanes North.

I started bowling: When I was 13 years old.

Bowler I've learned the most from: My father, Tom.

Best bowling advice I ever received: Make your spares.

PBA bowler I enjoy watching: Norm Duke.

Most memorable bowling moment: A three-week span of time when I rolled a pair of 300s and a 299.

Part of my game I'm working on improving: Picking up the 10-pin.

Bowling appeals to me because: It's competitive and fun at the same time.

The toughest part about bowling is: Keeping your composure.

Future goal: Roll an 800 series.

Note: East Lincoln Lanes hosts the Friday Night Fights doubles competition, at 7 p.m., Friday, April 18. The format features six games. The entry fee is $60 and first place is expected to pay $350, based on 32 entries. For information, call 252-3211.

Bowler of the Week is submitted by the York County Bowling Proprietors Association.