Turns out Central York High School won't be the only one with a new, large scoreboard featuring a video screen at its stadium in the coming months.

Next week, construction will begin at Red Lion High School's Horn Field to install a scoreboard that will be very much similar to the new one currently going up at Central York, Red Lion district marketing and communications manager Don Dimoff said Tuesday.

Dimoff isn't sure of the dimensions of the new scoreboard, but said it will include video capabilities for fans to watch live action and replays. And it will be used for more than just football.

"We're gonna use it for all varsity sports that play there: field hockey, girls' and boys' lacrosse, girls' and boys' soccer and we're hoping to utilize it for baseball as well," Dimoff said. "Also, assuming each year we have graduation outside, we'll have it for graduation and band performances."

The video board will be operated by students as part of a class at the high school, Dimoff said.

"We're using it as an educational platform as well," he said.

Cost: At its June 4 meeting, the Red Lion Area Board of School Directors were recommended to authorize Kinsley Construction to install the new scoreboard at a cost of $17,980. The total cost of the new scoreboard, including installation, is $ $201,948, Red Lion business manager Terry Robinson said Wednesday.


Dimoff and Robinson said the new scoreboard will come at no cost to taxpayers, instead being partially covered by help from booster clubs and insurance and mostly covered from sponsorships.

"Signage-wise we're looking at about a dozen to 14 spots (for sponsors)," Dimoff said. "As far as video themselves we'll produce commercials and ads that'll be unique."

A new scoreboard has been needed at Horn Field since a September thunderstorm flattened and destroyed the old scoreboard, which dated back to the 1960s. The school district was able to secure portable scoreboards with the help of York College for use during the remainder of the school year.

The new scoreboards at both Central and Red Lion are coming from Illinois-based scoreboard company Nevco and will use LED lighting instead of traditional bulbs.

"If everything goes according to plan we hope to have it up and running at a field hockey game in late August," Dimoff said.

Retaining wall: The scoreboard isn't the only thing slated to be updated this summer at Horn Field. At its most recent meeting, it was recommended to the board to award a bid to H&H General Excavating Company Inc., in the amount of $68,750 to complete a retaining wall project at the field.

"It's up back of the home stands where the people sit," Robinson said. "That walkway is actually below the road grade. You have to come down steps from the sidewalk to enter the grandstands. There is a retaining wall there that runs the entire length of the grandstand area. That retaining wall has been leaning more and more each year. We have a company coming in that will take the existing wall out and put in another wall. I don't know how long the old wall has been there but I've been in the district 36 years and it hasn't been updated."

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